Welcome to the Stained Page News Cookbook Club.

Every two months, we cook our way through a different cult classic cookbook.

What’s a cult classic, when it comes to cookbooks, when it comes to this club? I am glad you asked:

  • A book from days of yore. (2010 and earlier.)

  • A book that was and perhaps continues to be under-appreciated.

  • A book that nonetheless found a small yet enthusiastic audience, whether for its loving exploration of a particular regional cuisine or detailing of the minutiae of an intricate technique or just really, really, really, really good writing.

  • A really solid, spectacularly written cookbook.

My (our?) goals here are:

  • To fill gaps in our collective cookbook knowledge.

  • To read and appreciate authors that ought to be more widely read and better appreciated.

  • To cook from these books.

  • To read what others have written about these books.

  • To discuss these books with each other.

  • To generally have a nice time.

Sound good? Stay tuned.